My extra 20 years

Warren Buffet makes his  first investment at the age of 8 , Sachin makes his debut before he was eligible for voting, Dhiru bhai ambani makes his decision to be businessman at the beginning of his job and there are many other success stories ..well what common is, their objective is clear at a certain age and they still think that they are late in making their entry .

Till i reach my eighth class my only objective to be permanent back bancher and perform well in all my heroic activities. From 9th standard it was clear to me that i need to take maths/science because may be i was not very good in that but its clear to me that i am very bad in other subjects.

In 9th standard ,i was clear that i need to make a space in the mind of my friends and classmates. They start loving me and i was a Monitor , house caption  and a good sporty person , with some interest in cultural activities also. I started getting some school level prizes and mentally happy with what i am. Finally after 10th std i opted for maths , but was confused on how to get into the engineering. After research and self analysis of one year i come to know that my Maths and physics are very good within my class and i need to prepare for IIT. Well screening of IIT/ Roorkie was clear but i got failure in mains.

No issues, some how i got one Ok type engg. college. Till second year my objective was to be one of the most popular guy in the strength of 1000 students. Somehow i got success into that but as a leader not as a student. Third year started now its time to leave leadership and start preparing for good career. Every one is looking for a job, but as usual i wanna do something else from the main stream and get into a business after taking MBA degree and work exp of some time. Tried for IIM with a fear of english and confidence of Maths. As a mix result of fear and confidence i couldn't get into the IIM's but got Symbiosis.

Now the worst time started after completion of MBA and when i get into the Job. There was no way around to differentiate myself from the employees. As per my objective after 4 years of job i get into the entrepreneurship and social activities with my first investment. I was just 20 years late than Mr Warren buffet , who thinks that he was late at the age of 8.

People used to tell me the the story of Poor Kisaan and poem of Jack and jill. It takes me 28 years to explore myself , if somebody has told me the story of Mr Waren Buffet at the age of Six then atleast i have saved some time for my first investment.

In a simple way : Four steps of success.
Identify or explore objective--->Take knowledge---->Work soleheartedly for objective---->Success and self satisfaction.

Its my humble humble request from the Parents and new generation to identify and explore objective at the earliest , else you will find yourself  late or too late. Prepare yourself for the good knowledge, rather than a good study.  Life is not too complicated , but objective needs to be clear.